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    Order of Tri Kings is working with Crisis Text Line as mental health issues have been on a skyrocketing rise due to lockdowns and restrictions due to Covid-19. We created This gaming community for the enjoyment and interaction that was limited because of the virus. Many of our members have made this trying time easier to deal with.


    With Crisis Text Line they offer a 24/7 free crisis mental help text line. Where you or someone you know dealing with a mental crisis can contact. This is easier for many people as we are in the golden ages of preferring texting other than calling each other. So it's a natural feel. We truly care more about how good of a gamer an individual here at Order of Tri Kings. Our goal is to bring great quality people together for the enjoyment of life and gaming.

    If you or you know someone that is going through some mental problem or seems like they are. Crisis Text Line is here to help you. Text HOME to 741741 for free, 24/7 crisis counseling. We’re here for you.

    All processed from the GoFundMe of Rule Your Health goes directly to Crisis Text Line in an effort to assist those having troubling times. Order of Tri Kings does not take any revenue from any donations. If you would like to donate directly to Crisis Text Line visit their website below
Rule Your Health


Game Console

Casual Gamers

Order of Tri Kings is place for the average gamer to just enjoy their free time from work. Laugh, smile, conversate with other adults that enjoy being kids again.

Standing Camera


Developing big and small-time streamers. Our  streamers are the face of Order of Tri Kings. Displaying their love the gaming world and respect to all around them.

Video Game Developers


Our goal is to build the most successful Esports Team Possible. With each member the most dedicated and disciplined players. Play hard and respect for the love of the game.


Order Of Tri Queens

The Order of Tri Queens was created within Order of Tri King's when a large number of lady gamers started joining because they enjoyed the messages that the community stands for and a large amount of respect we gave to all gamers. Order of Tri Queens Was created to allow all ladies that game to come together in a safe environment and play with each other or play with the other members of the Order of Tri Kings. Order of Tri Queens believes that all should have a place to enjoy gaming and be respected as human beings and gamers. With an adult community like OTK, it is now possible.

OUR Mission

Order of Tri Kings is community for us adults to come and be kids again and enjoy the reason why we come home from work every day and just enjoy gaming. With members all over the world, genders, and cultures. We want those that want to help build our community and name and respect for us and our members. 


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