Founded on June 28th, 2020 by both Courtland "CidAtHeart" Smith, and Dakota "Smiles" Hamlin. The "Order of Tri Kings" was created for the true gamers. after endless miss leadership from previous communities. Both founders and their early members experienced poor leadership prior to OTK. With the creation of OTK, The founders had a guideline of what not to do. We vow as the founders and leaders of OTK to build a community for the gamer with morals and guidelines that even leadership will follow. 


The Order of Tri Kings was formed after the previous community failed. A few members from those communities along with the founders migrated and created the basics of the Order of Tri Kings. The idea of the Order of Tri Kings was to be a better community that will remain a place for gamers to come and enjoy gaming at all skill levels. 

As time has gone on the Order of Tri Kings was beginning to expand their numbers. On September 26th, 2020, The leaders of the OTK understood that the gaming world is shared with every gamer from all. With a few other members of OTK, the creation of Order of Tri Queens. These will be the talented ladies of the gaming world, that enjoy gaming just as much as the average gamer and possibly more. OTK leaders have great respect and honor for the ladies in the gaming community. We pride ourselves to create a safe environment for all gamers. 

Within every kingdom, there need to be warriors willing to fight hard and till the end. As of December 21, 2020 Order of Knight Riders The competitive Esport Side of the Order of Tri Kings. These are the best players that will form together playing against others. We will greatly respect these players as they build and compete.

The Order of Tri Kings is for the respect and pride of all gamers that show great love for gaming. We only accept those that truly enjoy gaming to the core. For those that wish to join, come with a love for gaming and the growth and expansion of Order of Tri Kings.

Order Of Tri Kings