OTK Brand Ambassadors​

We are always looking to expand our footprint within the gaming and content creation world. We believe that the most successful way to get to our goal is to invest in those that truly believe in our mission to expand and grow. The introduction of the OTK Brand Ambassador program, allows us to give back truly to those individuals. 

OTK Brand Ambassadors must prove that they have what it takes to represent the Order of Tri Kings and our affiliate groups. We are looking for candidates that govern themselves in an ethical way that corresponds with OTK standards, rules, and morals. Individuals need to have the platform that they are willing to use to promote the Order of Tri Kings merchandise along with links and tags towards ORder of Tri-kings. The levels of membership will be based on your activeness in promoting OTK merchandise and our affiliates.

At this current moment, we are looking to bring on from either 3 to 5 brand ambassadors. Their performance will be based on activeness, traffic towards the OTK Social media, and website. Orde of Tri Kings may also request to use your pictures, videos, and media for Website, and social media usage.

If selected for OTK Brand Ambassador, they will be selected to receive special merchandise at a discount or fully covered by Order of Tri Kings. These merchandises could be selected at random, or chosen by the OTK Brand Ambassador. This process is strictly up to the staff members of OTK. 


  • Combine Social Media Follow or subscribers of 5,000+

  • Connection and influence within Gaming and content creation

  • understanding about Order of Tri Kings and what we stand for

  • Must wear and represent Order of Tri Kings in a social media post

  • Must be at least 16 years old.

  • Must Promote OTK in a nonmalicious manner

  • Must be selected and approved by the staff of Order of Tri Kings.

All OTK Logos.png


  • Level 1

    • At least $50 worth of OTK Merchandise one time​

    • Must post and share with links to OTK Store and social media of products.

  • Level 2

    • Month Product Packages

    • Post must generate high Likes and traffic towards the website.

  • Level 3

    • The face of OTK Brand​

    • merchandise collaboration