Courtland "CIDAtHEART" Smith

Co-Founder of the Order of Tri Kings. Courtland "CidAtHeart" Smith founded this community as a place for stability for gamers. Not just any gamers, but for gamers that want to get away from the toxic, immature gaming world. Enjoying the original games from the early 2000s and later 90's. Gaming during that time was simple. the very first game he played was The 1997 Release of Grand Theft Auto on PC.

As the years have gone by, Courtland continues gaming on consoles and became an athlete of many sports. Playing sports at a young age from Football, baseball and ending with Rugby. During his time, he learned to build Computers and started to play a different style of gaming.

Courtland lives off the motto invest in the joy of people and helps them grow to be better people.