How to Join Order of Tri Kings

Order of Tri Kings is an 18+ gaming organization that is professionally run by adults looking to play with other adults. We take steps to ensure that our community is a great place for us to come and distress from our normal day of work. Our community is perfect for those that have family, a demanding career, or just stress from life and need to get out of reality for a little. Click the join button to gain access to our server and to conduct an interview with you.

  1. ​First thing is to join the Order of Tri Kings clan Discord Server. You can find the Link Here. If you need to make a discord account please do so. Make sure your name does not retain derogatory, profanity, or sexual words. 

  2. You will find yourself in our General Welcome area. There you will find a basic welcome area with your name and guidance on the next steps you need to accomplish on the server.

  3. Once you verified your age and which division you wish to join. Now is the fun part. A very basic friendly interview process. Do not worry this is a very casual interview and more of a conversation to make new recruits more at ease. 

Order of Tri Kings Clan can not guarantee access to all that wish to apply. Not all communities will accommodate everyone's needs. We have all rights to deny or grant anyone we wish into our organization. Rest assured our main priority is to make sure that our members maintain enjoy being part of the Order of Tri Kings. After making sure our members are settled, we interview and review overall prospect information. We build this community for adult gamers to find a quality place to be gamers again. 

Denial of membership will be asked to leave the Serve. denied applicate can apply again after 1 month. If an applicant refuses to follow the request or show disrespect of any type with the server. They will be permanently banned from joining Order of Tri Kings and affiliated programs.