Order of Tri Kings
Amateur CDL League
Rules and Requirements 

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War League


1.1. - Eligibility: Players must abide by all (CDL) Call of Duty League Rules.

1.1.1. - No bans or violations on record.

1.1.2. - Age restrictions not yet applicable BUT will be applied in future events.

1.1.3. - North American League: United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

1.1.4. - OTK Event Staff are not eligible to participate in any events.

1.1.5. - Player names, in-game names, and Discord names must be appropriate: no racial terms, homophobic references, or anything derogatory.



2.1. - Team Naming/Logo: Team names and logos must be approved by the Staff of OTK Events

2.1.1. - Team names must be within regulations. They must not contain hate speech, racial, sexual, or religious slurs, or anything deemed inappropriate by the staff of OTK Events.

2.1.2. - Team logos must be approved by the staff of OTK Events. Logos must not contain real pictures of individuals. Logos will only be approved if they are cartoon custom creations and approved by the artist for your team usage. Characters on the logo can be approved if they are fictional, letters, or items (with limitations). Logos must be original and be approved for your team usage.

2.2. - Team Rosters: Team rosters must maintain at least 4 (four) active players. No more than 6 (six).

2.2.1. Teams must play all games on their schedule. If a team does not have a full number of players to play a full 4 v 4, that team can choose to play 3 v 4 or forfeit the match. If a team has half or fewer players that can play, that team will have an automatic forfeit for that match-up.

2.2.2. Teams will have a 5-minute window to get all their players in a lobby starting at the assigned time for the start of the game.

2.2.3. Teams must supply their starting line-up no less than 2 hours prior to the start of their first game. Failure to do so may result in the first game forfeit. If a substitute player is to step in, the team must report the starting line-up change prior to 2 hours of the start of the first match. One-off scenarios will be addressed on an individual basis by the staff of OTK Events.


2.3. - Connection and Streaming: Connection to Game and Streaming

2.3.1. All games are to be played on North American servers only. Players are required to be based in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico when playing. 

2.3.2. If a player loses connection in the first 15 seconds of the start of a game or reports connection problems, the game must be reset and all players must be present in the lobby before restarting.

2.3.3. If a player loses connection after the 15-second “connection lost” window, their team will be required to play on being down a player. They cannot replace that player with an alternate player. That player cannot return back to gameplay until after the conclusion of that game.

2.3.4. Away teams can ask for the home team to change server host no more than 3 times. The home team can also defer the opportunity to host the lobby. If a home team defers hosting the lobby, the away team will still be considered the away team but will need to host the lobby for the entirety of the matchup. If the away team is unable to host, the home team will be required to host. 

2.3.5. If there is a COD Caster during the game, they have to have a stream delay at all times during the matchup of at least 30 seconds. This will also go as well for players that will be streaming. If a player’s stream is the cause of their connection issue, they will be asked to stop streaming and focus their network to maintain a connection to the lobby.

2.3.6. COD Caster must be approved by both teams and the staff of OTK Events before they are allowed into the lobby.


Game Rules and Settings:

3.1. - Banned Weapons and Items: Please refer to the currently banned and restricted Call of Duty settings at https://callofdutyleague.com/en-us/competitive-settings.

3.2. - Gentlemen’s Agreement Rules:

3.2.1. - Banned Weapons

  • Assault Rifles: AK-47, XM4, QBZ

  • Submachine Guns: KSP 45 

  • Pistols: 1911, Magnum

  • Snipers: All Snipers

  • DLC Weapons are BANNED

3.2.2. - Banned Attachments

  • Optic: Thermal Sights 

  • Barrel: Barrels that increase damage

  • Body: Body attachments

  • Muzzle: Only allowed on AK-74u

  • Stock: Dual Wield


3.2.3. - Banned Perks and Wildcards

  • Greed Perk

  • Law Breaker is allowed without Overkill 

  • Gung-ho Perk 

  • Gearhead 

  • Spycraft 

  • Ghost 

  • Assassin 

  • Paranoia 

  • Forward Intel 

  • Tracker

  • Quarter Master


3.2.4. - Banned Lethals and Tactical

  • Molotov

  • Smokes

  • Stuns

  • Frags

3.2.5. - Banned Field Upgrades

  • Jammers

  • Total of 3 Trophy Systems PER Team


3.2.6. - Banned Scorestreaks/Other

  • All Scorestreaks

  • Auto Sprint must be disabled

  • Tracers


Match Reporting and Points:

4.1. - Match reporting: Only the captains of each team will be allowed to report match reports and must agree on the outcome of each match.

4.1.1. - Both team captains must jointly report the outcome of each game after they conclude.


4.2. - Map Points

4.2.1. - Map Points are going to be recorded by the OTK Amateur League Officials. The point system is as follows: the winning team will receive one point per map won. Example: Team 1 wins 3 - 2 over Team 2. Team 1 receives 3 points for each won map and Team 2 receives 2 points. If Team 1 wins 3-0 over Team 2 then Team 1 receives 3 points and Team 2 receives 0. These points will only matter during the end of the season tournament seeding and for the purpose of resolving tie breakers.
4.3. - Tie Breakers

4.3.1. - Tie Breakers at the end of the season will be decided by the total of map wins and current records of each team.

4.4. - End of the Season

4.4.1. - End of the season tournament placing will be determined by current standings and total points earned.


Disciplinary Action and Penalties:


5.1. - Breaking the Rules - OTK Events has a 3 strike rule. Strike 1: A verbal warning. Strike 2: A written warning and your name is on record. Strike 3: A player or team has had numerous warnings and faces either removal from the remainder of the season OR permanent removal of any and all OTK Events.




Prize and Awards:

6.1. - Prizes Pool - For any winners of events that have a prize pool will receive the equivalent payment in USD only. The way of payment for each team will be: 1st Place = 60% of the prize pool. 2nd Place = 30 % of the prize pool. 3rd Place = 10 % of the prize pool.


6.2. - Awards - Any form of trophy or award will be presented to the top 3 winning teams in the format of a gold trophy or award for first place. Second place will receive a silver award and third place will receive bronze.

These Rules can be subject to change by the full control of the OTK Amateur League Officials. These rules have no reflection on the Official Call of Duty League. These Rules are full property of the Order of Tri kings and affiliate organizations. These Rules are not to be copied and pasted for any other tournaments or organization without the approval of OTK Staff and Owners.

https://www.callofduty.com/content/dam/atvi/callofduty/esports-new/2020-rules/Challengers_Official_Rules.pdf - REFERENCE ONLY
https://callofdutyleague.com/en-us/competitive-settings - REFERENCE ONLY