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Order of Tri Queens

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The all Girls Squad of Order of Tri Kings. The Order Of Tri Queens was created to show that the girls of the gaming world has what it takes to dominate with skills of gaming. We formed together under OTK to find additional girls to join us and play together. We have over 20 current ladies in our private section of Order of Tri Kings all to ourselves to enjoy Gaming.
All members of OTQ are also members of OTK with addiontal authorization then a normal member
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Professional eSport Gamers

Formation of OTQ

Order of Tri Kings started to create a Large number of Ladies that play games. They were viewed within the community as just other gamers and with respect.

This is a large reason why OTK is an Adult community for the ability to understand and show Respect. A small group of ladies within OTK along with the founders of OTK agreed to show respect to all gamers by including a new division called "Order of Tri Queens". This division was officially created on September 25th, 2020, with Emma "HelloKittyBear" Lowther as the head or Queen of this division.

This division will be within Order of Tri Kings but ran within a private area of the server to allow all the members to benefit from what was being offered from OTK along with a safe exclusive place just for them.

How Does It Work?

Order of Tri Kings founders tried to make a community to allow OTK and OTQ members to communicate with each other but by the choice of OTQ members first.

A private area within the OTK server was created especially for Order of Tri Queens Members to communicate with each other and form squads and group games with only OTQ members. This area adds an extra 15 channels exclusive for OTQ members and the OTQ staff to use.

Whats Offered?

OTQ members Offer about 15 channels exclusive to their members. These channels are for sharing memes, SFW content, and other media content that is community-approved. There are Squad up channels for OTQ members to join in games together, and chatting channels to speak about everyday life. There are advertising and discounts specific for OTQ along with their own Staff channel, and announcements. 

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We support our streamers any way we can. We are hoping to make the most elite Streaming community, the most respected and honored community to join. With streamers in OTK, Order of Tri Queens has our own streamers we hype up as well. 

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Emma "HelloKittyBear" Lowther

Queen "Leader Over Order of Tri Queens"



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