Departments and Positions of Order of Tri Kings

Human Resources (HR)

The Human Resources (HR) will be responsible to maintain the integrity of the Community and make sure the rules, regulations, and policies are properly followed within the entire community and organization of “Order of Tri Kings” and our affiliate Departments. This department will be led by the Head of Human Resources. All position titles and descriptions are subject to change by the agreement of the Tri-Kings of “Order of Tri Kings”.


  • Head of Human Resources

  • Assistant of Human Resources

  • Complaint Assistants


Head of Human Resources

Manage the Entire Community to make sure that all are following the rules, policies, regulations, human rights, and position Description of Order of TRi Kings and our Affiliate groups. responsibility of all legal documents are up-to-date, filled properly, and maintained by organizations. They are responsible for any necessary rapid response for Members or any one individual within the server that breaks serve rules.


Assistant of Human Resources

Manages and passes on information from the Compliant Assistants to the Head of Human Resources. Manages the Compliant Assistants on each Server. Keep track of all reported documents and offenses made within the server, website, etc that is run by Order of tRi Kings.

Complaint Assistants

The check and moderate Servers to ensure that everyone within them is following the necessary rules. If violations are found they report them directly back to the Assistant of Human Resources. Based on the severity of the offense they will have basic grounds of action of first documenting what is conducted, and possibly the deletion of said information. They are also responsible for keeping a peaceful environment for each area of the community.


The reasonability of the Operations department is to provide the entire Organization of “Order of Tri Kings” and its affiliated departments and programs with entertainment and continue the normal day to day operations of the community. This department is led by the Head of Operations. All position titles and descriptions are subject to change by the agreement of the Tri-Kings of “Order of Tri Kings”.


  • Head of Operations

  • Assistant Operations

  • Event Staff

  • Promoters


Head of Operations

Oversee the Clan, Community, and Organizations of “Order of Tri Kings” and its affiliates. Make sure that every department has the necessary plans needed to be successful and grow their department. Organized the business growth plan for the “Order of Tri Kings” and its affiliated Departments, and programs.


Assistant of Operations

Assist in the planning and development of the growth of the “Order of Tri Kings” and its affiliated programs. Make sure that the information is passed along to all other departments and from the departments to the Head of Operations.


Event Staff

The department that works directly with the Head of Operations, Esport Department, and Promotion department to properly construct public and private events to provide enjoyment for the community, Organizations, and any other programs that are under the “Order of Tri Kings” affiliation. 



Construction of promotional events to sponsor the “Order of Tri King”. This includes but is not limited to the promotion of streamers, content creators, gamers, tournaments, and etc. The duty of managing the social media, and any other way approved for usage from the Head of Operations. 

Esports Division


The Esports Division of “Order of Tri Kings” will carry the name approved by the Head of Esports. The duty of this division will be to prepare and prep players to play in the best possible Competitive Esport tournaments. This Division will be led by the Head of Esports. All position titles and descriptions are subject to change by the agreement of the Tri-Kings of “Order of Tri Kings”.


  • Esports Head of Division

  • Manager of Esports

  • Assistant Manager of Esports

  • Coach

  • Esport player


Head of Esports

Oversees all aspects of Competitive Gaming either Electronic gaming or in-person gaming for all teams holding the name “Order of Tri Kings” or “Order of Knight Rider”. They will ensure that all positions are running properly that fall under Esports, or the development of Esports.


Esport Manager

Direct Contact with the Head of Esports to ensure that the vision and requirements from the Head of Esports are properly explained and displayed throughout the Division.


Assistant to Esport Manager

Assist the Head of the Esports in monitoring and make sure that all duties are followed through from what is reported from the Head of Esports. They will make sure that all team coaches are abiding by the “Order of Tri Kings” rules and regulations along with following the Rules and Requirements of Esports gaming. Ensure that Coaches and Players have what needs to be as successful as possible. They Will also evaluate Coaches and Players to ensure they fit to maintain their positions. This information is then reported back to the manager and Head of Esports.



Will evaluate all players, and construct the best possible strategy to run and maintain players per team they are overseeing. They will also be responsible for the selections of Players. They will work directly with Assistant Esport Managers. To pass on information about upcoming tournaments and evaluation of current and potential players.


They are dedicated players for each individual ESport team. They will be selected by Staff that is Coaches, Managers, and Head of Esports. They will directly interact with the coach and work with other Team members.

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