Weekly Starting April 11th at 5pm Eastern Time


Tired of the normal Warzone lobbies. Come play some of the private lobbies with us. You play with players of all styles to help improve your skills and get some training in. No prize money just a good wholesome Warzone with many of your friends and our friends in the gaming community. 

Join us by Joining our discord and learn when it's time to play.

Order of Tri Kings will be hosting many different types of tournaments for different Games being played from around the world. Currently, you will find that we will be mainly focused on the Call of Duty franchise games along with Rocket League tournaments on all levels. As our community and support grow we will be expanding and conducting special events for games outside of our normal play. We welcome all to join our special Dedicated Tournament Server where these events will be announced and hosted on. We hope to see you all there and join in on the fun. We work very hard professionally to make sure all events happen smoothly and without problems.

You can join the OTK Tournament below.


Past Tournament Winners

  • Order of Tri Kings First Warzone Private Lobby | OTK Trios Warzone Tournament 

    • Winning Team Sorenson12, oDoWork, and ToNeSeTTa
      First place with a total of 89 points. 
      1st Round  1st place with 23 kills
      2nd Round 2nd place with 21 Kills
      3rd Round 14th place with 10 Kills​

  • ToNeSeTTa Trios Warzone Tournament

    • ​1st Place - $75
      Wild, cvs, Momo
      72 Kill Points
      29 Placement Point
      Total Points 101

    • 2nd Place -$30
      LoyalLynxx, KRULE, Huncho
      56 Kill Points
      34 Placement Points
      Total Points 90