Order of Tri Kings Tournaments Rules and Requirements 

Call of Duty: Warzone

Tournament Rules

Each match will take part in a private lobby unless otherwise stated by the Organizers.


  1. **Registering Teams** -Please make sure all team members are within the server. You will need to Ping each player's Discord name and then alongside their names, you will need to input their Activision name and numbers. You will also need to indicate who is the captain of the team as well. If any one of your members is not found within the server your team is not fully registered and will not be guaranteed access to join the tournament.

    1. Example

    2. @Player1Discordname - Player1Activision#1231  (Captain)

    3. @Player2Discordname - Player2Activision#1231

    4. @Player3Discordname - Player3Activision#1231

  2. **Sportsmanship** - During in-game lobby and end game, Keep all conversations respectful. 

  3. **No hacking or Cheating** - Outside programs that are not currently within the Call of Duty Warzone are not allowed. There are expected to be streamers within the tournament. We ask that streams do what you can to prevent Screen Snipers, so please add a delay. If any evidence of screen watching or outside reporting of player positions is found. That offender and possibly their team to be disqualified, and winnings strips and banned from future tournaments hosted by Order of Tri Kings.

  4. **Check-in time** - Check-in will start at least 30mins prior to the tournament starting. The lobby will be open for team Slot selection 10mins prior to the start time. There will be a 5mins grace period to get Everyone that checked-in into the lobby. This means the first game will start 5 mins after the start time. organizers will explain if any changes to the time.at least 10mins prior.

  5. ** Reviewing** - Reviewing of games individuals gameplay can happen at any moment per the discretion of the organizers. If there are any discrepancies, the organizers will determine to take action or not based on the foul play on hand or problems.

  6. **Disconnected** - If at any point a player or team loses connection. The match will continue with the play. If more than 1/4 of the players in the lobby are disconnected the match at play will be restarted. Each individual player is expected to make sure they are able to maintain a playable connection to the hosting server.

  7. **Streaming** - It will be required that at least one person per squad streams their gameplay live with a delay. This is to fight against those that may want to use illegal in-game hacks or cheats. If a team found not streaming during the tournament, they will be asked to leave or removed from tournament play.

  8. **Teams Captains** - Teams must designate one member from their team as their team captain. These captains must remain connected to a chat room. Chosen by the Tournament host and staff. This is where in-game alerts will appear. These alerts could be due to a server error that may require the termination of a match.

  9. **End Match** - When a match is over. Captains are expected to join back into the captain's private chat room for game updates. They will also be required to at least one of their members to submit their score.

  10.  **Team Members in Server** - All Team members will be expected to be within the server during the entirety of the tournament if a team wishes to remain in the tournament.

  11. **Team Numbers** - Team numbers will be randomly selected for them by the staff of the tournament. This will be the in-game Squad Number that each team will be within at the start of every tournament.

  12. **Join Tournament** - We will create a temporary Regiment for each tournament. That each captain will be invited to. Once they have joined the tournament the Captains will be responsible for inviting each one of their members.


These rules can be subjected to change and addition if the Organizer sees fit for it. The Organizers of the Order of Tri Kings have full discretion on each decision with or without explanation. If ban or found guilty of any rule, you may appeal by email to OrderofTriKings@gmail.com